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Snapt is available 24/7/365 — no exceptions. We know you chose Snapt because you have mission-critical services, and we are always available.

Test it yourself!

Trials include support, log a ticket and see!


24/7/365 Global Support

We believe a solution is only as good as the support that accompanies it. This is especially true for products such as Snapt’s, as we reside in a mission-critical location in your network.

The understanding and belief in this principle is why our clients love us. We deliver an amazing product – and we support it fanatically. Every month, we support thousands of clients in over 50 countries, spanning all the time zones.

  • 24/7/365 support, with SLA-backed guarantees
  • Knowledgeable in-house support staff
  • Online, responsive system, with large knowledge base
  • Full stack support, including the operating system

Support Resources

Snapt clients and trial users can log a support ticket at any time to receive immediate help. Alternatively, you can use our resources available below.



The Snapt helpdesk is available 24/7/365 and is the center for all your support needs.

Log a Ticket


Product manuals, FAQs, video guides and more are available on the Snapt Knowledge Base.

Snapt KB

API Reference

Browse our API reference guide for examples and instructions on using the Snapt API.

Snapt Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it truly 24/7/365?

Yes. Snapt is available every single day of the year without exception.

Do we pay for support?

All Snapt licenses include full support, the higher packages have better SLAs.

What about response times?

In 2017 Snapt averages 3 minutes for a first response, with the slowest being 17 minutes for the year.

How can I test it?

Get a trial, and log a difficult ticket! You'll be suprised :)

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