Snapt ADC and Load Balancer vs Cloudflare Comparison

A comparison we are often asked to make, Snapt and Cloudflare are complementary services - not competiting ones! This guide serves to explain the differences and where each product excels.

Cloudflare is a CDN, Snapt is an ADC: Load Balancer, WAF and GSLB.

When comparing Cloudflare and its load balancer competitors the most critical difference between these platforms is their location. Cloudflare (as a CDN) wants to be as close to your end user as possible, while Snapt (as an ADC and Load Balancer) wants to be as close to your servers.

This distinct difference in locations means each has a different purpose. For example, to prevent a distributed DoS attack you need to stop it before it ever reaches your servers, something Cloudflare is excellent at. To precisely monitor the health of your servers you want something very close to the servers, where Snapt excels.

Many of our clients use both Snapt and Cloudflare in order to have the most optimal set up. Snapt also has a free Cloudflare plugin to tightly integrate the two.

  • Load Balancing and High Availability

    Cloudflare includes a basic load balancer which is actually great for doing co-location load balancing. Snapt, however, is an advanced Layer 7 load balancer and ideal for on-premise redundancy. Snapt very tightly monitors your servers as only an on-premise solution can, ensuring fast response times and detailed monitoring and visibility of server health.

    Snapt also has a very powerful rules engine for load balancing and supports any TCP protocols.

  • Content Acceleration

    Acceleration is where the combination of Snapt and Cloudflare really shines! Snapt provides a massive amount of acceleration and offloading to your servers, and Cloudflare gets that content closer to your users using their CDN.

    It's important to accelerate on-premise as the slowest part of your communication will be from your servers to Cloudflare. We speed that up, and we can do things like offload compression and SSL from your webservers. Doing this with Cloudflare means slower performance from you to Cloudflare, and security problems with plain text flowing over the internet!

    We ensure that your webservers are offloaded and the content gets to Cloudflare as fast as possible. Cloudflare ensures the content then gets to your users.

  • Security

    No on-premise ADC's can prevent a DDoS attack! For this you need a powerful CDN, like Cloudflare. What ADCs do provide is on-premise SSL and WAF security, as well as application specific DoS attack prevention.

    It is important to have both requirements met, and this is where Cloudflare shines. They provide a large amount of security, and they provide DDoS protection completely free.

  • Visibility

    Detailed, in-depth and live monitoring of performance, stats and metrics is simply something that CDNs cannot provide. For ultimate visbility and alerts you need Snapt.

Snapt vs Cloudflare

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