Snapt Balancer
Key Product  Features

Snapt is a Layer 7 software load balancer built for DevOps and modern application delivery. We offer the lowest cost/request and the widest featureset on the market. It's time to deploy Snapt!

  • Easy to use and powerful

    Snapt Balancer is extremely easy to set up but feature packed!

    Anyone can use the Snapt ADC product, and be up and running within minutes. The product is jam-packed with powerful leading-edge features, and is a purpose built solution for DevOps and leading network engineers to ensure high availability on their business-critical services.

  • Incredible visibility and metrics

    Snapt gives you insight into your performance and data like never before.

    We monitor latency, response codes, error rates and far more for your business-critical services. Is a webserver generating more 500 errors than the rest, is it responding slowly to certain requests? Learn the inner workings of your services with Snapt!

  • Save time with wizards

    Automatically create load balancer groups, with no setup.

    Snapt has wizards for creating all of the most common load balancer setups to help you become an expert in no time. If you are already a pro, your life is about to get even better! We make the mundane quick and easy, and let you utilize the most powerful load balancing features.

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True Proxy

Snapt is a Layer 7 load balancer - it acts a full proxy and can balance across networks, and datacenters. We don't do NAT based load balancing!


Snapt includes full redundancy with automated config replication and state-table sharing. You can learn more on the redundancy page.

Layer 7

Full Layer 7 load balancing means being able to rewrite HTTP/S content, route based on complex and detailed rules systems, and give visibility into HTTP errors and performance metrics.


You can configure custom alerts to tell you before servers go down. Is a server showing a higher latency than others, has the error rate increased, is it returning 500 errors.


The Balancer has a full reporting suite with historical and live metric reporting for throughput, errors, problems, and much more. It's all available via API as well.

SSL Acceleration

Snapt can terminate and re-encrypt SSL allowing you to do true Layer 7 load balancing for SSL traffic and function in protected environments (e.g. HIPAA).

Full API

Snapt includes a full API for configuration, reporting, alerts, metrics and much more without any added costs.

Platform Independant

Snapt can run on any VM, Linux device or in any container. We support the entire solution from the ground up.


You can quickly set up RDP, HTTP, SSL, email and other load balancer groups using our wizards, without advanced knowledge.

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Snapt is easy to configure for new or experienced users. We offer a full trial with support.

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