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  • Standard Packages

    Standard licenses are designed for small and medium businesses and are priced by installation size. Pricing is per year.


    USD / year

    • 5 Upstreams
    • 500 Connections

    USD / year

    • 15 Upstreams
    • 2,500 Connections

    USD / year

    • 30 Upstreams
    • 10,000 Connections
    • Redundancy Option
    • Premium Support

    USD / year

    • 50 Upstreams
    • 100,000 Connections
    • Redundancy Option
    • Premium Support
  • Enterprise Packages

    Designed for large businesses or high-end deployments needing extreme SLA's and no limitations. Pricing is per year.


    USD / year

    • Unlimited Upstreams
    • 25,000 Requests/Second
    • 1,000 SSL TPS
    • 2gbps
    • Enterprise Support
    • Includes Redundant License
    • 1-hour response SLA

    USD / year

    • Unlimited Upstreams
    • 50,000 Requests/Second
    • 5,000 SSL TPS
    • 5gbps
    • EnterpriseMAX Support
    • Includes Redundant License
    • 1-hour response SLA
    • Unlimited Consultancy

    USD / year

    • Unlimited Upstreams
    • Unlimited Requests/Second
    • Unlimited SSL TPS
    • 10gbps
    • EnterpriseMAX Support
    • Includes Redundant License
    • 1-hour response SLA
    • Unlimited Consultancy

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Which license is for you? Interested in the differences between Enterprise and Standard?

What do customers think of Snapt?

The support is extremely professional. Always fast and always very skilled!

Marco Patzelt
ELabs AG

Response times from the customer service team were under five minutes

Ian Barnes

The application is easy to use and their support is outstanding!

Matt Rhoades

We are happy to say that Snapt has never had a single glitch that could result in downtime.

Felipe Cruz Ferrero
Enterprise vs Standard?

Our compare page has more information about the differences between the two pricing structures.

Monthly or Yearly?

The prices above are yearly prices, but you aren't forced to renew. If you renew you extend your access to updates, support, and patches at a discount. Monthly prices are available for standard packages and cost about 20% more.

Can I pay using a credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards, including AMEX, directly online. You can use PayPal, wire transfers or checks as well.

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

We have corporate and enterprise arrangements that our pricing team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for info.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel any time you need to – no questions asked.

How does redundancy get priced?

Enterprise plans include redundancy for free, while on standard plans you purchase two licenses. Gold and Platinum redundant licenses have a 50% discount.

What is included?

We include all our products in every package – GSLB, Balancer, Accelerator, WAF, the works! They all come with support as well!

We also provide full installation and configuration assistance for all our licenses, as well as consultation and planning services for Enterprise clients.

Strugging to choose?

Use the Snapt Sizing Guide to help you pick the right license for your business.

Sizing Guide

Who should buy Enterprise?

Enterprise licenses include all Snapt products as with Standard, but have no limits on upstreams or active connections and instead use performance guidelines for sizing. This allows the clients to have unlimited performance on individual licenses. They also enjoy a very high level of support, backed by SLA, and several additional features.

You should consider Enterprise if you need:
  1. Unlimited performance, upstreams and connections. No hard limits at all.
  2. SLA guaranteed support with a 1 hour response time.
  3. LDAP authentication for Snapt logins, and 2-factor authentication.
  4. Redundancy licenses included for free, as well as free QA/dev licenses.
  5. Consultancy services with a minimum of 10 hours per year.

Learn more about the differences between Enterprise and Standard.