Snapt Pricing is split into Standard and Enterprise, depending on the size and requirements of your business.
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Important! All Snapt licenses include all our products, you only need to choose the size!


Standard licenses include all our products and are limited in terms of upstreams and active connections. These licenses are perfect for smaller businesses or startups, and can be upgraded at any time.

An upstream is a single backend server (IP:port combination), for example, a webserver. Redundancy is not included, and you need to purchase multiple licenses to use it.


Enterprise licenses include all our products as with Standard, but have no limits on upstreams or active connections and instead use performance guidelines for sizing. They also enjoy a very high level of support, backed by SLA.

The SLAs range between 1 and 0.5 hours, depending on package. The ADC-500 and up also includes 2 full Snapt licenses, for a fully redundant solution.

Pricing Standard Enterprise
Starting Price
Lowest price in tier.
$450 $2,900
24/7/365 Support
Unlimited, global support.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
SLA Support Guarantee
Enterprise packages have guarantees.
Yes No Yes Yes
Soft/Hard Limits
Standard packages scale on installation size.
Yes Variable Yes Unlimited
LDAP Authentication
For logging into the interface.
Yes No Yes Yes
Redundancy License
Enterprise above ADC-200 includes second license.
Yes Paid Yes Free
Enterprise licenses include 10 hours (and more) of consultancy.
No No Yes Yes

Additional Information

Can I upgrade?

Yes, you can always upgrade at any time and only pay the difference!

Do you have payment terms?

Enterprise licenses can be released on terms if you contact us.

Can I get a site license?

Yes! Speak to us to arrange the details.

How does redundancy get priced?

Enterprise plans include redundancy for free, while on standard plans you purchase two licenses. Gold and Platinum redundant licenses have a 50% discount.

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