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RDP load balancing tips

Snapt provides full support for RDP load balancing. There is a wizard which we strongly advise using that will create the initial group for you.



You need very high timeouts when load balancing RDP. The wizard sets the client and server timeout to 500,000ms which is our recommendation. If you experience disconnects you can increase this.


By default we use port 3389. You can change this if needed and customize it.

Load Balancing Method

Snapt uses RDP cookies for load balancing. If you have a smaller number of users or servers it may be better to change the Balance Method to Least Connections, as you can see below:


This will send users to the server with the least active connections on, ensuring fair load balancing.


Snapt uses RDP cookies for persistence, but you can also use standard stick tables or source hashing if needed.

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