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How to clear or move a license

Each license is attached to a unique install key that is generated based on the hardware Snapt is running on. If you plan to migrate your Snapt instace to a new server you’ll need to clear the license install key and replace it with your new install key.

You may have issues like the following when the license is invalid, needs to be reserialized, etc:

Your license has expired! This license must have internet access to renew itself every month
Problem fetching license information: Received error from license API: Error 04: Invalid install key sent - hardware signature has changed or duplicate serial number usage!

Step 1: Login to your Shop Client zone

Navigate to and login with your Snapt Client Zone account credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Licenses

Step 3: Selecting License to be cleared

Under Manage Licenses select the license you wish to clear, followed by clicking on View License/Products button.

Step 4: Clear License

Now press the Clear Serialize Key

Step 5: Re-serialize your license

To Re-serialize the new server please follow this guide

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