Framework Documentation

The base Snapt framework and related minor plugins.

Main Documentation

Each license is attached to a unique install key that is generated based on the hardware Snapt is running on. If you plan to migrate your Snapt instace to a new server you’ll need to clear the license install key and replace it with your new install key. [..]

Serializing is a crucial part of setting up a non-trial version of Snapt. This allows us to generate your license which in turn will allow you to use the Framework, get updates and support. [..]

You can easily remove your demo license and load your newly purchased license by going to Dashboard > License and then by clicking on either Delete Demo License or Change Serial [..]

Snapt Backup is a free plugin provided with Snapt which allows you to take a backup of your configuration, and to restore backups to systems. [..]

Snapt comes set to GMT+0 aka UTC. This affects the graphs, reporting, and dates in alerts and more. You can change this to whatever timezone you prefer. [..]

Snapt uses two SQLite databases and depending on your logging preferences, error rate, number of servers and more they can get quite large. This guide covers how to reduce them. [..]

If you are receiving an error in Snapt with the keywords: There has been a serious error: SQLSTATE then you likely have a crashed or corrupted SQLite database. This guide will help you to repair it. [..]

In order to reset the admin password to "admin" you need to manually edit the database on the device. Please follow this guide to do so. [..]


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