Using the Web Application Firewall (WAF), Web Accelerator, and Load Balancer, HitsSports LTD has reduced down time and now provides its clients with a more stable platform.

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HitsSports provides a service to help sports clubs take advantage of the many benefits the internet can offer.

The software developed for HitsSports came as a result of several developments for individual sports clubs and was designed specifically to allow all club members to be able to make updates to the club website without any need for prior training. Users are surprised just how easy it can be to maintain their own site, and how quickly they can start seeing the advantages throughout their club.

HitsSports provides you with the ability to design your site to your own colors, and include your own logo. Within minutes of completing our order form you will be up and running with your own club website, allowing you to manage availabilities, publish teamsheets with automatic email confirmation facilities, automatic average creation from results you enter to the admin area and much, much more. HitsSports club websites are now serving 497,605 fixtures, for 12,457 teams and 222,469 members.

Business Challenges

Our main challenge was scaling our web application and getting an ‘out of the box’ load balancing solution.


We did a web search and came across the Snapt website. We chose Snapt because of how easy it was to set up through web application , and because of the price.

Snapt gave us the ability to configure widely used, tried, and tested open-source software without having to ‘get our hands dirty’ with configuration files.


Our website is better and faster than ever!

Snapt allows us to easily add servers to load balanced solutions, and reduce load on servers using the Snapt Accelerator. The load balancing has allowed us to spread load more effectively. As we can now scale, we are also planning to utilize the API to directly add and remove load balanced instances to match peaks in traffic.

In Summary

With Snapt, HitsSports was able to:

  • Easily add servers
  • Spread load more effectively
  • Benefit from excellent support
  • The support from the Snapt team has always been very good. You do not even have to log in to the support system – you can just respond to emails, which is really convenient.

Purchase Snapt now and revolutionize your network

An unlimited free trial and full purchasing options are available on the shop.